Efficient Lighting Technology

NGM Lighting offers contractors and individual customers brand name indoor and outdoor decotrative light fixtures, efficient LED and fluorescent technologies and bi-level step dim linear lights. We only offer the technology that we have successfully used in our own projects and fully stand behind it.

Our linear bi-level step dim fixtures are among the few ones available on market that are Con Edison approved and eligible for full rebate. 

State of the art LED emergency backup equipment satisfies a minimum of 90 minutes of lighting in case of emergency and can be configured to last up to 360 minutes as well.  

Decorative indoor light fixtures do not only freshen up the look of exisiting property but also meet and exceed efficiency standarts set by lighting industry. 

LED outdoor and garage light fixtures have a 100,000-hour life based on LM-70 tests or approximately 23 years of lifespan with 12 hours per day operation.