Green Technology Solutions that work for you 

 Energy Audit                                                                                                                                                                          

To better understand individual customer′s needs we offer free of charge and no obligation lighting system survey. Survey enables us to create a proposal tailored to client′s needs. We determine current and projected energy consumption, type of renovation work needed, annual kWh and dollar savings, incentive amount, project cost, net cost and return on investment. 



New Lighting

Our team at New Green Movement aspires to not only reduce customer’s energy consumption but also to improve the apearance of your building with modern and attractive lights. We take into consideration factors such as hallway wall color, flooring style, carpeting and overall building architecture to come up with project specific lighting design. After we install sample lights, we ask building personnel and management team to give us a feedback and only when they are absolutely content with all the details, we start the renovation.


Renovated Lighting

Since occasionally existing light fixtures are moderately decorative or relatively new but utilize old inefficient technologies, we propose retrofitting these fixtures with state of the art efficient lighting, changing broken parts and cleaning fixture surfaces. Retrofitting the existing fixtures gives us an opportunity to significantly reduce your energy consumption and enables us to lower the cost of renovation to you even more.