Areas Of Expertise

Decorative & efficient indoor lighting: ceiling mount / wall sconce / pendant / recessed
Bi-level step dim lighting: garage / staircase
LED indoor lighting: ceiling mount / downlight / alcove lighting 
LED outdoor lighting: 100,000-hr life efficient wall pack and flood lighitng
LED garage lighting: 100,000-hr life ceiling mount and pole mount high output lighitng
LED decorative lighting: chandelier / wall sconce / accent lighting
LED Exit fixture: long life ultra-efficient LED Exit light with universal battery backup
Induction lighting: high output long life area lighting
Emergency backup equipment: LED & fluorescent technologies
Occupany sensors: high frequency / Infrared / ultrasonic
Daylight dimming sensors & photocells
Office space: decorative LED & fluorescent troffer lighting
Commercial & industrial space: long life high output lighting